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Product care

Instructions to reduce the effects of wear and increase the life of your furniture

Solid wood / veneered parts

Wood is a natural material, like everything else in nature it deserves to be cared for! Dust these parts regularly. Use a clean soft dry cloth and once per month use a cloth that is moistened with the dedicated oil you were given at the time of purchase. Other natural oils may also be used. Keep in mind that the overall color of your wooden furniture is bound to change over time. This is considered natural behavior for wood and not a defect. Avoid placing sharp ,pointy objects on your furniture the finishes used by DIWgroup on all products are sensitive to heat no object having a temperature of above 60 C should come in direct contact with your furniture. The wood that we use to make your furniture has been either season or machine dried to between 10 -15 % humidity. Exceptionally humid or dry environments can damage the wood. It is therefore recommended that you do not place your furniture near heating or cooling units.

For minor scratches you can attain the proper repair material at our showroom or ask for it to be sent to you by mail.

Upholstered parts and fabrics

To maintain the look of your upholstered furniture it is important that you dust the upholstered parts at least once a week. Use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a soft brush attachment. If you have a spill or any other event that leaves a stain on these parts act as quickly as possible to remove the stain as this increases the chances of a complete removal. There are different chemicals offered by different manufacturers that are specifically made to remove stains from fabrics. These can be used as instructed on the packaging. Be sure to remove as much of the material that has caused the stain from the upholstery before you apply the stain remover. All stain removers should first be tried on an inconspicuous spot on your furniture upholstery. Stain removers can in some cases cause damage to your fabric. When you order your upholstered furniture at our showroom it is you are given the option to choose materials that are less prone to stains. These fabrics and suede have been specially treated to repel liquids and are thus considered stain resistant. To receive instructions catered to your specific problem you can always send photographs of the damaged furniture along with a short description to our email address, we will help you as best we can or refer you to a repair professional.

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