Mission Statment

Our approach, work ethics and goals

Design In Wood is a company that takes pride in the relations it builds and the honesty with which it builds them. For our clients We try to provide a sense of support and respect. At our showroom We offer them all that Design In Wood has to offer: a large customizable collection of High quality furniture for every part of the home and home office, interior design help and consultation, after sales and maintenance services and last but not least a clam place where one can find inspiration and  look at new designs for the home and home office. Our design consultant/Sales Assistants strive to help our clients choose what best fits their homes and their lives. Through them Desing In Wood has built many long lasting friendships with its clients and continues to do so.

For our employees we try to create a workplace that is both nurturing and free of stress. All while asking of them to perform their best but not to settle at that. Under the Providence of God, It is with their help and effort that we have continued to improve in all of our operations, in spite of the many challenges we have faced in the 40 years since our establishment.

 The various tasks Design In Wood directly undertakes in order to provide it's clients with high quality  furniture and a memorable shopping experience that last as long as the furniture itself, include: Season drying masses of solid hard wood , designing unique and exclusive furniture pieces that meet the needs of its users, production with the most precise tools and a highly skilled work force, showcasing the finished products in a similar environment to that where they will be used along with interior design consultation and a high degree of customizability, free local delivery to the costumers home with free on the spot installation, a complete after sales support network and a commitment to the product which has been sold and it's new owner.




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